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Medical Mission Matters
A medical mission team travels to far-flung corners of the earth to provide care. That’s what we do. In addition to individual exams, treatments, and free medicine, people are covered in prayer.
But what about when the medicine runs out? And there are no pharmacies withi...

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Each of us have desires that drive us. What drives you?  During the last two weeks, the Olympics displayed people that have dedicated their lives and desires to winning a gold medal. In the parable, we see how a merchant who’s desire was beautiful pearls and when he had found the object of his de...

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Our friend Man dai just shared with that a Chepang family has just lost everything that they own. He said, "There is Nepali saying, the one who is poor, every bad things happened to them."
Revelation 21:4a He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,
It is sad to hear the loses of house, grain...

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I just read this great quote from Randy Alcorn and it explains by we are doing so many of our projects in Nepal. “The opportunities for using our financial resources to spread the gospel and strengthen the church all over the world are greater than they’ve ever been. As God raised Esther for just...

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In Proverbs 17:17, we read about friends and friendship, "A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." Charles and Susan have been those type of people to Kim and I. Real friends that love at all times, and a people that are born for adversity.

In the middle of a global pandemic, God is bring hope and transformation to hills of Nepal and bayous of Lake Charles, LA. This time last year, the news of the Convid 19 virus was spreading around the world. Our 2020 medical team had just left Nepal and the world was beginning to lock-down, and n...

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Next month as the men from  villages of Heaurang and Ghaiyabar walked down past their village, the people asked them if they could know their Jesus and become followers of Him? The men said, “Yes,” and the whole village of Kuitan asked, Jesus to be their God and Savior. Amen! But the miracle didn...

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7 months ago
As a medical missionary, I have traveled with Cutting Edge to the far side of the globe—more than once. I will go with them any time. From relationship building, to prayer, to physical care, to specific needs, Cutting Edge is the hands and feet of Jesus. It is an honor to serve those in need with an organization that is above reproach. Keep it coming, Cutting Edge!
- Laurel H
8 months ago
- Robert R
8 months ago
- David B

Help those in trouble and hungry

Our Vision "To help believers to fulfill the Great Commission through the demonstration of the love of Christ through acts of service and care." This vision walks hand in hand with the organization's purpose to "equip, train and mobilize believers to fulfill the great commission through disaster relief, ministry of helps to those in need, and to make a difference in the lives of the orphans and widows in their troubles." To make the vision easier to understand and memorable, the motto is "Bringing relief to those on the edge."

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